News and Analysis

9.24.15 – GBT Pods Won’t Keep Trans and Queer People in Immigration Detention Safe, on Autostraddle republished on Truthout
6.2.15 – 5 Things You Should Know About Solidarity with Incarcerated LGBT People – A Conversation with Black and Pink
5.11.15 – What’s the Deal with Bernie Sanders? 7 Things You Want to Know
4.15.15 – Five Reasons the Fight for $15 Matters for LGBT People on Autostraddle
3.2.15 – Nationwide Week of Action Calls on ICE to Free Nicoll From Men’s Detention Facility on Autostraddle, republished on Truthout
1.13.15 – Incarcerated Trans Woman Brings Lawsuit Against New York State After Her Rape in Prison on Autostraddle, republished on Truthout
10.21.14 – Gloria Casarez, Organizer, Activist and Total Badass, Dies at 42
6.11.14 – Kids Detained in AZ Provides Window into Totally F*cked US Immigration System
6.5.14 – Slut-Shaming Becomes Even Grosser Than You Thought With Bonus Classism
5.14.14 – Protesters Take Stage at Health Conference Because NY State Trans Healthcare Failure is Inexcusable
4.14.14 – Scarleteen and its Awesome Inclusive Sex Ed are at Risk, but You Can Help
3.12.14 – 5 Things to Know about Prison Abolition and the Prison Industrial Complex
2.24.14 – Queers for Economic Justice Closes Its Doors Thanks to Lack of Economic Justice
1.17.14 – Senate Lets Unemployment Extension Expire, F*cks Over Queers and Trans* People Affected By Recession
12.9.13 – “In Our Own Voices”: Making Partner Abuse Resources Work for Queer Survivors
12.4.13 – 7 Massive Injustices LGBTQ Immigrants Face In The Detention System
11.18.13 – Not Just A Flicker: The Rise Of The New American Left
3.11.13 – Bechdel Test: Academia Edition on Feministing Community Blog
10.14.12 – A Closed College Campus in Pinal County
10.4.12 – Imagining Borders Following Watersheds / That’s a Resource in Your Toilet on the Earlham Border Studies Blog


Summer 2015 – original essay in “Queer Sultry Summer,” a mini-book compiled by Autostraddle and Everyone is Gay
4.21.15 – You Need Help: Your Girlfriend Says Offensive Stuff and You Don’t Know How To Deal
2.12.15 – This Is A Dead Mom Essay
11.12.14 – “This Is A Book For The Parents Of Gay Kids”: A Coming Out Conversation with Bruce and Phyllis
2.4.13 – Questioning “Queer” Across Generations
1.6.13 – 80 Hours on Amtrak

See more on Maddie’s Author Page at Autostraddle.


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