Maddie Taterka is a video editor, videographer, writer, long- and short-form editor, and copy editor living in Philadelphia. She is a founding worker-owner of the Bonfire Media Collective, where she currently serves as the collective’s administrative coordinator, a video editor and videographer. With Bonfire, she has worked with clients including the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance, SEIU Home Healthcare Workers, the Leeway Foundation, 1149 Cooperative and the Pennsylvania Head Start Association.

Maddie’s passion creating media lies in taking lifting up personal stories and analyses of complex issues, and making them succinct and accessible to anyone, without losing the issue’s texture or complexity.

Maddie is available for hire for written content, line, and copy editing. If you’re interested in working with her on a video, please contact Bonfire Media Collective.

Find Maddie’s past work at Autostraddle.com, Philly We Rise, the Media Mobilizing Project, Put People First Pennsylvania, Truth Out, Feministing, and the Philly Gay News. She also worked as a copy editor for Mic, Inc, from 2016-2018 and was a leader in the union organizing drive at Mic in 2017-2018.

Maddie graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a minor in Geography. Her undergraduate thesis examined and critiqued the motivations of white middle-class American women who start humanitarian projects abroad. Maddie was honored to be awarded the Dashielle Robinson Memorial Prize for Excellence in Women’s Studies, the only prize awarded from the Vassar Women’s Studies Program. She is also an alumna of the Border Studies Program.

In her free time, Maddie can be found playing guitar, cooking, listening to podcasts, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, attempting DIY home improvement, marveling at large public infrastructure, reading, hiking, and working to further the cooperative economy in Philadelphia.

If you’re wondering, “Madeline” rhymes with vine and line and shine, and in “Taterka” the emphasis goes on the first syllable.

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