Maddie Taterka is a writer, long- and short-form editor, copy editor, video creator and social media manager. You can find her work at Autostraddle.com, the Media Mobilizing Project, Put People First Pennsylvania, Truth Out, Feministing and the Philly Gay News. Currently, Maddie works on video and social media with the Media Mobilizing Project and as a copy editor for Mic, Inc.

Maddie’s passion for writing and editing lies in taking complicated intersectional topics and making them succinct and accessible to any reader, without losing the issue’s texture or complexity. While she brings knowledge on systems and power relationships she learned in an academic setting to her work, she forgoes overly academic language in favor of clear and succinct descriptions accessible to varied audiences.

From Nov. 2013-Nov. 2016 Maddie worked for Autostraddle, the world’s most popular website for queer women and non-binary queer people. As a contributing editor and staff writer, she covered the groundbreaking work of organizations for and by the LGBTQ community, including Queers for Economic Justice, the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project and Black and Pink. Maddie also wrote advice columns supporting other cisgender people in being trans allies, as well as personal essays about her family. Autostradddle won the GLAAD Award for Outstanding Blog in 2015.

Since February 2015, Maddie has volunteered on the media and communications team of Put People First, Pennsylvania, a statewide organization fighting for healthcare for all people who live or reside in Pennsylvania.

In 2016, Maddie was a movement media fellow with the Media Mobilizing Project, learning to tell movement stories through video. She did videography, interviewing and editing for the Stadium Stompers video project. In 2017 Maddie began working on the Philly We Rise project, a hub for progressive activists in Philadelphia during the age of Trump.

Additionally, Maddie takes on private freelance clients producing and editing specialized web content.

Maddie has spoken at the Students for a National Health Program National Conference, the New School Institute for Retired Professionals, the Vassar College Not Alone Conference and the Students for a National Health Program convening. She created and facilitated the “Solidarity From the Mountain: Writing Letters to Incarcerated Queer and Trans People” workshop at A-Camp in partnership with Black and Pink.

Maddie graduated from Vassar College with a B.A. in Women’s Studies and a minor in Geography. Her undergraduate thesis examined and critiqued the motivations of white upper-middle-class American women who start humanitarian projects abroad. Maddie was honored to be awarded the Dashielle Robinson ’17 Memorial Prize for Excellence in Women’s Studies, the only prize awarded from the Vassar Women’s Studies Program. She is also an alumna of the Border Studies Program.

In her free time, Maddie can be found playing guitar, cooking, doing the New York Times crossword puzzle, attempting DIY home improvement, marveling at large public infrastructure, reading and hiking.

If you’re wondering, “Madeline” rhymes with vine and line and shine, and in “Taterka” the emphasis goes on the first syllable.


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