2014 In Review

Want to catch up with my work from 2014? Here are some highlights from my work on Autostraddle:

Badass Organizations and Organizers

2.24.14 Queers for Economic Justice Closes its Doors Thanks to Lack of Economic Justice
4.14.14 Scarleteen and Its Awesome, Inclusive Sex Ed Are At Risk, But You Can Help
10.23.14 Gloria Casarez, Organizer, Activist and Total Badass, Dies at 42

Prisons and Immigration

3.21.14 5 Things to Know About Prison Abolition and the Prison Industrial Complex
7.15.14 Protests In Murrieta and Oracle Point to the Racism of US Immigration Policies

#TransHealthcareNOW Campaign

5.14.14 Protesters Take Stage at Health Conference Because NY’s Trans Healthcare Failure is Inexcusable
6.27.14 New York State Sued Because Trans Exclusionary Medicaid Regulation Has Got To Go
12.19.14 After 16-Year Struggle, New York State Medicaid Will Finally Cover Trans Healthcare

Economic Justice

1.17.14 Senate Lets Unemployment Extension Expire, F*cks Over Queers and Trans People Affected By Recession
2.28.14 Hungry, Poor Queer People to Become Hungrier, Poorer after Food Stamp Cuts

“Personal Stuff”

10.13.14 5 Weirdo Things I Saw While Driving Across America
11.12.14 This is A Book For the Parents of Gay Kids: A Coming Out Conversation With Bruce and Phyllis

And here’s a playlist, which I made right before I graduated from Vassar, but seems to be continuously relevant:

Everything Is Changing and You Are Excited and Also Terrified

And here’s a recipe which will not disappoint you or your vegan gluten free friends:

Get Baked: Vegan Chocolate Avocado Pudding

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