Yes, I voted for Obama

It was a hard call, between Jill Stein and the ever-so-easy possibility of just not putting my ballot in the mail.  Obama has been disappointing in many ways, and I’m a lot different from the girl who cut school to make phone calls and canvass on election day four years ago.  I’d never expected my first vote in a general election to feel so difficult.  But I did it – don’t worry, grandparents.  I cast my ballot for Obama, because my friends and I need Planned Parenthood, and we all need FEMA, and Joe Biden actually acknowledged trans* people, and I want to see what happens when a democrat that was elected under the banner of Change gets a second term.

“the violence a romney presidency would bring down on the bodies of my female and queer comrades is enough to make me show up to this election and vote for obama.”

-Adrienne Maree Brown, standing with: an election call from my body